Neyveli Tourism

Though being a small town, Neyveli has various tourist attractions and places of interest. You can explore and learn lots of scientific things as well customs and rituals followed in the city. The Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) plays a major role in the development of the city. Situated in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu, Neyveli remains as the popular township for lignite mining and power generation in India. The mining sites and afforestation complex is a must visit in Neyveli.  But you need to have a permission letter from Neyveli officials to enter the major mining sites. The large construction cranes digging down the earth to disclose lignite is a worth watching sight in Neyveli. 

Popular nearby tourist spots from Neyveli are Pichavaram, Pondicherry and Chidambaram. Neyveli Township is just 12 kilometres from Mandarakuppam that is a part of Neyveli.

Places to visit in and around Neyveli

Neyveli Tourism

Afforestation Station

The afforestation program in Neyveli remains a big success in Tamil Nadu. The artificially created parks and lakes in the afforestation areas, the calm places far from the township and forest like atmosphere remains a perfect spot for recreation. You can enjoy a peaceful clean environment in these afforestation areas. Moreover, you can engage yourself in boating and fishing in this artificial lake.


There are two mines, Mine – I and Mine – II in Neyveli Township. Mine I is located on the north part of the ground that is exactly adjacent to the Neyveli Township.  It covers an area of 16.69 square kilometres. Mine II is just 5 kilometres from Mine I. Touring to these mines in Neyveli is not only educative but also remains as a cynosure or interesting point of attention to the eyes. You can reach the mine station from Township by traveling just  7 kilometres south.

Thermal Power Stations

There are two phases of power stations in Neyveli that is Thermal Power I and Thermal Power II. They are the country’s largest lignite fixed thermal power station.  You can watch the technology evaluation with comparing the two stations. Definitely, a tour to these thermal power stations in Neyveli would be of great educative value.

Parks in Neyveli

Nehru Park: Nehru Park is one of the popular parks in Neyveli.  The park is beautifully maintained and is said to be the best eco-friendly park in the country. Moreover, this Nehru Park has been ranked in the international level. You can easily locate the park inside the city due to its popularity. Nehru Park is located at Neyveli Township in Block 8.

The Golden Jubilee Park: This popular park is built in celebration of 50 years after the start of Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC). There are number of sandwich and eatable stalls outside the park, which most of the time remains as a buzz or crowding place.  Many tourists visit the park during their vacations. This park remains as a favourite tourist spot for both children and adults. Children can enjoy playing in ground, jungle gym and sliding boards installed inside the park. The park is located at Kamaraj Road in Neyveli. Above all, the park is well maintained and serves as a best spot for mind relaxation and rejuvenation. You can also take a brisk walk or even jog at the Golden Jubilee Park in order to maintain healthy lifestyle.

Temples in Neyveli

Temples in Neyveli

Neyveli town is very famous for its ancient temples. It includes Thiruppapuliyur Temple, Nataraj Temple, Vadalur Sabi, Sri Vishnu Durgai Temple, Sri Arulmigu Villudaiyan Pattu Temple, Vadalur, Vallalar Birth place, Thiruppapuliyur Moolavar.

Sri Arulmigu Villudaiyan Pattu Temple: This is one of the oldest temples in Neyveli which is said to be more than 500 years old. People from various parts of the country visit Sri Arulmigu Villudaiyan Pattu Temple to watch the Panguni Uthiram festival that is celebrated every year. Moreover, Lord Murugan griping a bow instead of a regular spear as his weapon is the major highlight of this temple.

Nataraj Temple: The Nadaraja (represents Lord Shiva) statue present in this temple is said to be world’s largest metal statue. While on your trip to Neyveli, make sure to visit this Nadaraja temple.

Sri Ayyapan Swamy Temple: This is one of the famous temples in India, which most of Ayyapan Swamy devotees worship this temple first before going to Kerala Sabarimala temple. You can easily reach the temple from the Neyveli town bus stand. Sri Ayyapan Swamy Temple is located at Block 4.

Khasi Vishwanathar Temple: This is approximately 600 years old temple that is very popular among locals of Neyveli. People who are visiting Neyveli make it a point to worship this temple. It is located at Vadaku Vellur in Neyveli Block 29.

Church in Neyveli

Assembly of God church is the famous church in Neyveli. You will experience a real peace of mind and place of hope. The soothing music, friendly people around and healing environment around makes you feel warmth and comfortable throughout. If you are on a spiritual trip to Neyveli, make sure to visit Assembly of God Church. The distance from Neyveli township to Assembly of God Church is exactly 1.8 kilometres and takes about 6 minutes to travel by car or taxi.

Address: No1, Thanthai Periyar Rd, Block-5, Block 11, Neyveli T.S, Tamil Nadu 607803.

Mosque in Neyveli

One of oldest and famous mosque in Neyveli is Masjid –e – Rahmath Mosque located in Neyveli Mandarakuppam area. It is said to be established some 40 years before and there has been reconstruction work carried out recently. The nearest bus top to reach this mosque is Jayapriya Theatre stop.  It is very near from Cuddalore main road, which you have to walk for just five minutes towards East to reach the mosque. You will find the big entrance Masjid arch on the left hand side of the road. 

Address: SH-10, Cuddalore – Virudhachalam Main Road.

Neyveli Tourist Information Centre

If you are looking for assistance you can get guidance from Neyveli Tourist Information Centre. There are tourist offices to guide the township visitors.

Town Hall: 04142 231316
Tourist Officer, CDM: 04144 238739
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