Food in Neyveli

Neyveli is famous for traditional Tamil food. Most of the restaurants in Tamil Nadu offer traditional South Indian food which is popular both among the locals and tourists in Neyveli. Most homes in Neyveli also prefer eating south Indian food. Let us have a brief look about each of the popular dishes of Neyveli in the following.

South Indian Thaali

Neyveli FoodsThis is one of the best and nutritious meals offered in most of the restaurants in Neyveli for lunch hours. It is served in perfect combination and taste of South Indian style. Most of the people of Neyveli love this thaali meal. South Indian meal consists of chapathi, white rice, vegetable gravy, a vegetable kootu (pumpkin, carrot, brinjal, beans, etc), potato fry, sambhar, rasam, medu vadai, fried papad, payasam. You would be able to taste all flavours with the combination of pickle. Fryums or papads are also offered as compliments. If you are looking for a perfect healthy vegetarian meal, then this is the best choice to go with. There are several hotels in and around Neyveli offering the best South Indian Thaali meals on a daily basis. Hotel Vasanta Bhavan (Tirupadiripuliyur), Abinaya Hotel (Manjakuppam), Ananda Bhavan Restaurant (Lawrance Road), etc are some of the best places to dine in for tasty Thaali meals.

Chilly Cashwnut – Cashew Snacks

Neyveli is very famous for cashews. The entire village was covered with cashew trees. Neyveli  produces the highes variety of cashews. The natives prepare several snacks out of cashews and it is famous all over Tamil Nadu. The cashew snacks are in various forms like raw cashew nuts, salted cashew nuts, chilly cashew nuts, white cashew nuts, pepper cashew nuts,   roasted cashew nuts, cashew sweets, etc. If you are crazy to hunt cashew snacks, then it is must to check out these snacks available in all major outlets in Neyveli. Himalaya Foods prepare the best quality cashew snacks and is distributed all over the state.

Himalaya Foods
Address: No. 191, Block 17, Zahir Hussain Road, Double Bridge, Neyveli - 607801, Tamil Nadu, India.
Phone Number: 91 9443539509

Continental Food in Neyveli

Neyveli FoodsAs the city is flooded with mixed culture, people and tradition, there are some continental restaurants in Neyveli. Some of the restaurants serving best continental food include SKS Fast Food (Block – 27) and Hotel Aradhana (Pudhunagar) in Neyveli. They also offer free home delivery.

Neyveli Chicken Biryani

Biryani remains as a favorite dish for all people and age groups. The perfect spice combination with chicken and rice constitutes the best biryani. If you are a biryani lover, then it is a must to taste the spicy Neyveli Biryani. The taste and flavor is completely Indian, which they prepare the best biryani meal cooked in exact point. Some of the popular chicken biryani centres in Neyveli Township are Jamal Biryani Centre (Koothapakkam), Ravi Thalappakattu Biryani (Vadalur), Mass A1 Dham Biryani (Toludur and Tittagudi). They offer with best side-dishes and salads on all peak hours of day.

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