About Neyveli

Neyveli is the major power generation and Mining Township in Tamil Nadu, India. Located in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu, Neyveli Township isAbout Neyveli well developed after the establishment of Neyveli Lignite Corporation in 1956. It is exactly located at the 10 kilometres distance from the Neyveli village. Neyveli Lignite Corporation is popularly termed as NLC run by the government of India. Neyveli is located at the distance of 200 kilometres from south of Chennai, 25 kilometres from west of Pondicherry and inland of Bay of Bengal.

The entire soil of Neyveli is packed with rich lignite underneath that serves as fuel to feed the power stations. Moreover, NLC in Neyveli operates the major open quarry lignite mine in the country. Neyveli has its own railway station. There are frequent bus stops and train routes between Neyveli and Chennai. Neyveli Township has well connected roadways and railways, which travelling from the city is quite easy. The nearest airport for Neyveli residents is Pondicherry Airport. There are several government and private bus operated in and around the city. The transport system is highly comfortable for the residents of the Neyveli.

Neyveli Life and Culture

NLCThe major highlight of Neyveli Township is the Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC). Being the ancient town in Tamil Nadu, Neyveli is covered with lignite mines and thermal power stations. The employees reside in and around the township and lead a healthy lifestyle much better than the other popular metro regions. There is a unique culture around, which the natives that is original Neyvelians are engaged in agriculture, chit funds, share market, grocery shops, gold smiths, NLC contact employees, etc. There is a mixed type of culture and religion followed in the city. Furthermore, Muslims occupy a considerable population here in Neyveli. The multilingual nature and high literacy rates reflect a good standard culture giving high importance for education.  The cultural organizations arrange various functions regularly in order to encourage various cultures of India. People of Neyveli speak Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Guajarati and English as population is diversified and people from various parts other than Tamil Nadu settle in Neyveli. It is broadly a cosmopolitan culture followed in the city. The non natives are popularly referred as expatriates. The local language spoken here in Neyveli is Tamil. The department of (TA) Township Administration manages the Neyveli Township and it is under the Neyveli Lignite Corporation. The NLC has own fire and rescue department, home guard and security force. Therefore, the safety measures are highly maintained in the city.

Neyveli as the Economy Hub

The majority of the people here in Neyveli are under the NLC working group. Since the entire township is built for the wellness of the employees of the corporation, the other economic activity includes supporting services to the township in form of contacts with the NLC, private hospitals, schools, shops, etc. Though remaining as the small township, the city has several commercial banks and more than 15 ATM centres. The expenses are comparatively less from other metros, while the quality of life is highly good and healthy.  Neyveli remains as the best industrial area with holding several small to medium industries like Brick industries, Weaving Industries, Cashew nut Industries, Cattle breeding, Chit Funds, Agriculture, etc.

Climate of Neyveli

About NeyveliAs the entire Neyveli Township is landscaped with rich flora plantations during the development period, the city shows off a low moderate climate. In addition, summers are cooler with temperature less than 40 degrees celsius and winters are colder than the surrounding regions that have the altitude of Neyveli region.   The soil is quite fertile. Neyveli has red soil that is suitable for agriculture.

Festivals in Neyveli

There are number of places of worship found in Neyveli. It includes temples, churches (Protestants and catholic), jain temples and mosques. All yearly festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Dussehra and Ramzan are celebrated here.  The two most important and special occasions in Neyveli are Thaipoosam festival (at Villudayanpattu Temple) and Panguni Uthiram festival (at Villudayanpatti Temple) is celebrated for Lord Murugan. During the time of these festivals, people from other states throng to Neyveli and would enjoy watching the abishekham. The devotees of Neyveli as well as devotees of neighbouring areas will crowd at Villudayanpattu Sri Subramania Swamy Temple to witness the Mahakumbabishekham performed by the priests in Neyveli.

Tourism in Neyveli

Neyveli is located in the major part of Tamil Nadu and remains as a favorite spot for all tourists. The major tourist spots near the township are Pondicherry, Chennai and Cuddalore. Other importance places of interest in Neyveli are Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC), Sri Nataraja Temple (Neyveli Township), Pitchavaram and Bhuvanagiri. This popular township hosts several famous temples and serves as the one of best tourist destinations of Tamil Nadu. Devotees before going to Sabarimala temple ensure to visit the Sri Ayyapan Swamy Temple in Neyveli. Thousands of people gather here in this temple during special festival periods. The Nehru Park and Golden Jubilee Park in Neyveli are the best play and entertainment spots inside the township. They are well maintained by the Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) members.

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